Penn State Princess Dress

She will be princess of the tail-gate in this cute dress, the idea came from my friend Vicki.

penn state front

Dresses available in several sizes.  We can take orders for other college teams too.  Please email The Loose Thread for more information.

penn state backPenn state bowpenn state fabric

Little Scottie Dress

scottie dress front With Christmas just around the corner, meet our first Christmas dress – “Little Scottie”, this little dress would look adorable with white tights and red sparkly shoes.  Available in sizes 9 M to 4T.  Email me to order yours today.  Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. – $35.

scottie dress backscottie fabric

Pumpkin Patch Dress

Pumpkin PatchLittle Miss Mae in her “Pumpkin Patch” Dress. Paired with a jean jacket and brown boots, she’s queen of the pumpkin patch!


Hallieboo to You!!!

halliebooKitties and Stripes and Polka dots, Oh My!  A jean jacket and purple boots make pumpkin pickin’ FUN!  Our model, Little Miss Mae in our Hallieboo Dress, so adorable.  Mae is wearing a 2T.  We have this dress in a 4T and also a 6-9M.  $35 each.  (please note that due to the nature of this product and availability of materials, dresses may vary slightly)

Newest Addition to the family – Turtle Tuff, 3T dress for sale

Turtle Tuff Dress

This pretty little dress is “Turtle Tuff” .  Made from a Garanimals 3T Tank, with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fabric.  We make them in our workroom.  Love Love Love this dress.  On sale now for $30 – Shipped.  We can also make a 4T as well.  Please let us know if you are interested.

Sweet Dresses for Sweet Little One

photo 1 photo 2

This was a treat for me to complete.  Thanks to Michelle, who had all the components I was able to finish these for Michelle and Little Miss Mae in time for the 4th of July.  They are made in the spirit of the KPea style dresses, and with Michelle’s eye for color and my sewing skills, we think we may be on to something.  Hopefully more dresses will be posted in the future.  I have only one word for these dresses, ADORABLE!!!!

Threadbare Apron – Adorable

apron photo - 2I must say I LOVE to re-purpose things.  So when I saw this adorable apron made from a dress shirt, it was love at first sight.  This was really fast and extremely simple to create.  Just cut the sleeves and back off.  Turn down the sides  and stitch.  Then fashion ties from parts of the shirt or ribbon.  The one pictured is the one I made for my daughter.  Traditionally they are constructed from men’s dress shirts, but this one I made from a women’s dress shirt.  Love, Love, Love it!!!!


Threadbare Shirts – New for Fall

Sew In Love

Brown Paisley Shirt

Threadbare Shirt – Beautiful Brown Paisley Shirt – Soon available at The Twisted Vine. Brown T-shirt with paisley embellishments. This one is a size Large.

Threadbare Fall Skirt

New Fall Skirts made from recycled t-shirts. What a great way to recycle clothing. This skirt is made from several t-shirts that I found at thrift stores. I love the colors (I’m really a green and blue kind of girl).

Sew In Love

Black and Grey Skirt

The green and brown skirt would be great with brown boots and a brown jacket. And I’m a real fan of the black and gray skirt.  Love it with black tights.  I really enjoy creating clothes for a more curvy girl, both of these skirts are in the 18-20 size range.

Sew In Love

Threadbare Skirt from recycled T-Shirts

A Pinterest Favorite

A Pinterest FavoriteWhen my daughter got married we really wanted to do things our selves.  So we decided that for the centerpieces at the reception we would use jars, not just mason jars but old pickle jars and jelly jars, basically anything made from clear glass on the tables with tea light candles and loose pink daisies.  I went to a local craft store in Pittsburgh and found wire ribbon and made the bows for the jars.  We loved the outcome, it was simple and elegant.  However we all know how important the picture is and thanks to Simply Southern Photography , and Lisa Miller, we had a GREAT picture of the arrangement.  About 6 months ago I thought, “this is such a good idea, I should post it on Pinterest”.  It has been re-pinned by many users over the last 6 months (over 100 times and growing) and now I want to share it with all of you.  Sometimes it is the simplest ideas that turn out to be the most beautiful.